Latest News:    B. Smiley with Late Night Sneakin' Records
Ronkat Spearman's DOTMS (Dance On The Mothership) out 4-9-13.

B. Smiley's single
Yane Yane Remixed  feat. Sonja Drakulich, out 12-12-12.

B. Smiley's Nu Disco single
Tied Up , out 9-22-12.

B. Smiley's House single
Reason 2 Luv feat. Janice Bailon, out 8-10-12.

B. Smiley & Ronkat Spearman (P-Funk) team up for the
Time 2 Nok, single
with 2 additional B. Smiley remixes of Ronkat Spearman. out 5-20-12.

B. Smiley's Nu Disco single
Fill U Up out 3-20-12.

B. Smiley's 6 track Chill Out E.p.
This Time  out 2-12-12.

Deeva's album
Elements out on 11-11-11. Produced & mixed by B. Smiley.

B. Smiley's E.p.
Harmonic Nature out on 10-31-11.
Featuring Eric McFadden, Irina Mikhailova, & Moana Diamond.

Soul Sista Shakti's E.p.
Fire In The Sky out Sept. 2011. Produced by B. Smiley.

B. Smiley's  Ridiculous E.p. out August 2011

B. Smiley's  
Elevate E.p. out June 2011.

Mandjou Kone's 5 track E.p.
La Nuit out June 2011. 2 B. Smiley remixes

Borrina Mapaka's E.p.
Gimme The Riddim  April 2011. Produced by B. Smiley.

B. Smiley & Nicole Doherty present
Vision of Love, SF House with remixes
by Boomrock Saints, Atwater Syndicate, Liam Shy & Nat. Int., Deron Delgado,
Cyril Noir, Michael Anthony, Late Night Sneaky, & more. Out Feb. 2011

State of Emergency breaks E.p. with Liam Shy feat. Aja Lathan out Jan. 2011

Borrina Mapaka's
Everywhere U Go  E.p. with 4 B. Smiley mixes out Oct. 2010

B. Smiley's 2nd solo album
Yane Yane released on itunes May 2010.
Featuring: Suzanne Sterling, Sonja Drakulich, Irina Mikhailova,
SoulSistaShakti, Borrina Mapaka, & Iggy Mon.

Second album with Irina Mikhailova : Salaam out on itunes April 2010

B. Smiley's Breakbeat Remix Cd:
Breaking The Sound on itunes Dec. 2009.

B. Smiley's song "Govinda" with Suzanne Sterling is on her new album:
Fire Soul
on White Swan Records.

B. Smiley & Late Night Sneaky releases
Breaking & Entering, and
Under Surveillance,  available on itunes. Fall 2009

B.Smiley & Late Night Sneaky Remixes of Sugar & Gold:
Creme Whipped &
,  available on itunes! June 2009

STS9's " Hidden Hand" remix with Low Pro Lounge feat. Lateef & Souleye
out May 2009 on itunes. Check it!

Released 2008: The
Let it Play collaboration with Congolese
singer/songwriter Borrina Mapaka.  French/African Funk, Reggae, Afro-beat,
Reggae-ton, House, & Hip-hop.  
B. Smiley is a Producer/Remixer/Engineer and Dj
Head Honcho of Late Night Sneakin Records

Styles include: Nu Disco, NuFunk-Breaks, House,
World Electronica/Tribal Bellydance, and Dub-Chill-Out.

I have performed at:  Glastonbury, Coachella, WMC,
Sea Of Dreams, Earthdance, Harmony Festival,
Burning Man, Decompression, How Weird Street Faire,
Treasure Island Music Festival, Silent Frisco,
Sunset Halloween Boat Party, SF Love Fest/LovEvlolution.
2nd Sunday, & Cal. Academy of Sciences.
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